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Gem Mining

Ceylon gems are well renowned in the world, from the royal to the elite, as the island’s gem industry prioritizes sustainability and respect for the land. We follow this same principle with a commitment to ethical sourcing to ensure that every gemstone you find on our platform is responsibly sourced right from its very beginning. This is why all our gems come from our mines or our local mining partners who hold our values of sustainability.

How We Mine Our Gemstones?

Every radiant gemstone that comes to you from Crown Gems comes with a story that respects both the Earth and its custodians. Discover the two distinctive methods we employ to extract the precious gems we sell. 

Pit Mining

In the heart of Sri Lanka’s gem-rich terrains, pit mining stands as a traditional yet responsible mining method. Digging deep into the Earth’s soil layers, where the gems are unearthed from vertical mines with special licenses issued by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA). With over two million pits created in the last 50 years, there are hardly any unfilled, abandoned pits on the island. Unlike our counterparts, our gem industry champions responsibility, collecting cash deposits during the licensing process to fund the post-mining rehabilitation of our lands — which reflects our commitment to environmental preservation.

This labor-intensive operation involves a collective effort, with different stakeholders from landowners to miners — where all receive a share of the proceeds from the sale of the gemstones.

River Mining

Along the rivers in gem-rich areas, our miners carefully sift through alluvial deposits, seeking treasures hidden within the gravel by harnessing the natural flow of water. They create small dams with wood or rocks in areas where the river slows down or bends, artfully slowing the pace of the water. As the water escapes on one side, it leaves behind a treasure trove of gravel, revealing the hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Although not as widely practiced, this method holds its own charm with its simplicity, unveiling the gems carried within river currents while preserving the integrity of the river ecosystem.


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