History of Crown Gems

Crown Gems is an -Sri Lankan/UK joint venture engaged in responsible gem mining/cutting and ethical gem dealing.

We offer our customers high-quality sapphire and ruby, as well as a wide range of other gemstones. Our focus is on full traceability, so that our customers know exactly where their gemstones originate.

We cover the entire gemstone supply chain from mining rough gem material, through the cutting and polishing of gemstones, right up to the sale of fully-traceable gems to the end customer, both wholesale and retail.

Our stones are responsibly sourced from our own small-scale mining operations or through our trusted network of other mine owners. By dealing directly at source, not only can we guarantee the integrity of the supply chain, we can also offer the most competitive prices.

We operate a number of mines in Sri Lanka and we are committed to environmentally-friendly mining practices. It is our aim to make gem mining as safe as possible for our employees.

From our profits, we support charity and community projects in Sri Lanka, with an emphasis on activities related to underprivileged children and education. Our staff also benefit directly from a share of our earnings.

My main responsibilities are business development, sales & marketing and customer services. I also assist with project management and logistics.


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