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Discover Exquisite Sri Lankan Gems at Your Fingertips! Ethically Sourced Gemstones for sale online

Experience the allure of Sri Lankan gems cherished by royalty, celebrities, and the world’s elite. At Crown Gems, we bring you the finest gemstones, ethically sourced from the beautiful landscapes of Sri Lanka. From sapphires and rubies to many other loose stones, we have an extensive online collection of gemstones for sale online.

Discover the elegance of Sri Lankan gems— an experience reserved for the elite, now within your reach. With us, you can easily acquire ethically sourced high-quality Ceylon gems and have them delivered right to your doorstep — no matter where you are in the world.

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At Crown Gems, we believe trust is not just a value but the currency of our trade. Embracing the ethos of fair trade as one of our guiding principles, we strive to build long-lasting business relationships based on trust. So, we carefully handpick each gem, ensuring its authenticity is not merely asserted but verified by our trusted team of gemologists before it graces our platform.


At the heart of our business lies an unwavering commitment to absolute transparency. We go beyond just selling gems online, presenting the details of our gemstones.With high-quality images and captivating videos, we share every detail, coupled with expert opinions — All to make sure that the gemstone you choose is not just a purchase but what exactly your heart desires.


Crown Gems understands the art of gemstones, the value of customer service and the power of digital touch.  With founders who have three decades of hands-on experience in gemology, IT and digital business on a global scale, we bring forth a fresh whiff of professionalism —a rarity in the typical landscape of family-owned gem businesses.

Find your Next Gemstone from Us 

Crown Gems is a platform that offers gemstones for sale online, powered by a Sri Lankan/UK joint venture that operates with the principles of responsible gem mining, cutting, and gem dealings. 
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