Ethical gemstones from mine to market


Crown Gems is a British-Sri Lankan joint venture engaged in responsible gem mining and ethical gem dealing.

Our company covers the entire gemstone supply chain from mining rough gem material, through the cutting and polishing of gemstones, right up to the sale of fully-traceable gems to the end customer, both wholesale and retail.

This means you can have complete confidence in the gemstones we provide.

We operate a number of mines in Sri Lanka and we have a strong focus on ethical sourcing and environmentally-friendly mining practices. It is our aim to make gem mining as safe as possible for our employees. Our staff also benefit from a share of our earnings.

From our company’s profits, we support a range of charitable projects in Sri Lanka, ensuring that we give back to the community in which we work.

Our company is based both in Sri Lanka and the UK, but we have a global customer base. Wherever you are, we would love to do business with you!

Contact us today on or on the following numbers:

+94 770858829 / +94 766975909

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